Energy Branches are handmade home decor hangings from natural birch wood. Each branch is adorned with custom combinations of hand selected crystals and stones to aid in energy healing, protection & more. All pieces are wrapped in leather and fixed with natural or dyed feathers. Branches are made to be hung above your bed, in an office/work space, your alter or any sacred room in your home.

Two sizes are offered: Small 6-7" & Large 16". 

These beautiful branches were manifested from a vision from source.

** Send an email to Christine to purchase **

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Protection  |  $250 USD

Black tourmaline, quartz & pyrite.

**local pick ups only due to the fragility of black tourmaline.

Self Love  |  $115 USD

Lepidolite, quatrz & rose quartz. Also included: selenite & abalone shell.

Protection |  $140 USD

Black tourmaline, smokey quartz, snowflake obsidian & pyrite.

7 Chakras  |  $222 USD

Moonstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, fluorite, tigers eye, carnelian, & garnet with OM charm.  Also included: quartz, pyrite & selenite.

Healing  |  $85 USD

Quartz & pyrite with bird skull charm. Colors connect to upper chakras - crown, 3rd eye, throat and heart.


Heart Healing, Protection

& Magic  |  $175 USD

Rainbow fluorite, labradorite, black tourmaline & emerald with moon charm. Colors connect to: green - heart, black - protection & blue - 3rd eye.


Stress Relief, Transformation

& Protection  |  $200 USD

Amethyst, Labradorite, black tourmaline, apophyllite & pyrite.

**local pick ups only due to the fragility of black tourmaline.

Peace, Love

& Balance  |  $140 USD

Quartz & fluorite with trinity knot charm. Also included: abalone shell.


Prosperity  |  $150 USD

Quartz points & pyrite. Red for grounding, good luck & root chakra.


Love, Healing 

& Protection  |  $200 USD

Stromalite, rose quartz, terminated quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline & labradorite.


7 Chakras  |  $175 USD

Quartz, labraodorite, blue celestite, emerald, tigers eye, carnelian, red jasper. Also included: selenite.

custom orderS

Pricing varies depending on

stones and healing needs. 

Deposit is required and
non-refundable. Crystals are hand selected and chosen per client.

Please email to discuss.


2 sizes available:

Small: 6 - 7 inches

Large: 16 inches


Charms, feather and leather

colors can be discussed.

handmade jewelry

All pieces are handmade to harness healing vibes, balance, clarity, protection, love & more using sacred symbols combined with the energetic properties of crystals for the highest good.

Limited quantities of each styles available. Custom orders are OPEN.​

** Send an email to Christine to purchase **

PayPal or Zelle only

Moon Chakra  |  $35 USD

Stainless steel moon charm & layered chakra crystal pendant. Sterling silver plated 16 inch chain. 

Evil Eye  |  $30 USD

Enamel evil eye beads with navy mother of pearl accents. Sterling silver plated 22 inch chain.

Crystal Tears  |  $25 USD

Blue eye ball pendant with clear quartz point charm. Sterling silver plated 16 or 18 inch chain.

Amethyst Point |  $25 USD

Amethyst point with silver tone dipped top. Assorted silver tone 15 inch chain.

Double Evil Eye  |  $30 USD

Pewter evil eye pendant, enamel evil eye beads with black jasper or clear quartz accents. Sterling silver plated 22 inch chain.

Chakra Drop  |  $25 USD

Assorted silver tone pendant with all 7 chakras below. Sterling silver plated 16 inch chain.